Student Activities :

Students participated in the workshop on Scope and Challenges women Leadership in Odisha organized by MAMATA in Aug. 2011.

Students participated in We care Film Festival organized by AINA in Oct. 2011

Students participated in the sensitization programme on Right to education organized by PECUC in Aug. 2011

Sensitization workshop on Effective implementation of the Hon’ble Supreme Court Guideline on the preventions of Sexual Harassment at Workshop with collaboration with Task Force on Women & Violence in the year 2011

Interaction of the students with the team members of We Can South Africa on April 2011.

The students of SWS visited some lead NGOs working for the Development of Women in the state & to work with them to get an exposure to the problems & working styles of voluntary sectors for women development December 2012.

The students have participated on a workshop on “ Beijing +20 Review” organized by Dept. of Sociology and Centre for Social Research, New Delhi on Sept. 2014

The students and faculties have participated on “International Women’s day Symposium on Women and Development in Odisha” on Nov.2014, organized by Development Research Institute and Dept. of public Administration, Utkal University.

The students have participated on Guest talk on “Sexual harassment at work place” organized by the Dept. of Sociology, Utkal University.

The students have participated in “We Care Film Festival” organized by one reputed NGO AAINA on 7th-8th Sept. 2015

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