Our Publications :

2016 - Occasional Paper - The Feminine Worth: A Myth or Reality
2016 - Edited book on Women and Society - Defining issues and challenges (In press)
2016 -
Journal with ISSN Number “Utkal Journal of Women’s Studies” (In Press)
Students’ Magazine, “Anwesha”
Occasional Paper
News Letter (in press)
Compilation of Ph.D. Synopses of Research Scholars, School of Women’s Studies 2016
Edited Book “Women and Society : Defining Issues and challenges (in press)

2014 - Book on “Social Exclusion & Gender”, Abhijit Pub, New Delhi

2013- Research report on “Women in Corporate Sector of Odisha”

2013- Research report on “Mission Ashra”

2012- Research report on “Women in Cooperative Sector of Odisha”

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